Key Reasons Misbehaviour During This COVID-19 Outbreak

The true human faces revealed when crisis happens. One of this crisis is during the COVID-19 outbreak. We heard many misbehaves over the news during this crisis one of such is people avoiding to be quarantined after they just came back from high risk countries. Why such a misbehave during this crisis? The reason could just as simple but also just as complex. 

We are Living in a Competitive World

Thanks to the technology advancement we have no choice but to follow the fast pace footstep of the environment around us. We tend to do things faster and try to accomplish more in a very short time frame. We tend to be framing ourself in not losing out otherwise we will fall behind the trends. The result is the curation of a selfish world. 

During COVID-19 outbreak, some people not voluntarily quarantine themselves because of afraid of losing out when they are disconnected from the world even though it is just a 14-days quarantine. Look at these 2 Batam residents evaded quarantine over fears of losing income. Some people tend to create a losing situation for both instead of win-win, an act of selfishness. The same mindset that was shown when Singapore SBS Transit Ltd revealed a case of saliva spitted on one of their MRT stations lift buttons.

We are Over Confident

Confident is a good thing but most often there is a need of self-check to verify the supporting facts are still true and favour to our confident and knowledge. When we are preparing for the best, it is always a smart move to prepare for the worst at the same time. Applying our knowledge with smart and proper not only ensure we are not overconfident but at the same time avoiding overreacting.

During this crisis, it is believe 14-days quarantine with no illness symptoms will prevent the COVID-19 virus spreads. The truth emerge into new stage of crisis where the virus starts to spreading to the rest of the world so quickly without anticipation. Some people could in fact carrying the virus without showing any symptom.  It can be prevented if proper border control and quarantine measures are applied on top of health screening. This overconfident act has cost more to many countries economy and daily life. A very good example is the incompetent act of Cambodia Government to proper impose quarantine on the Westerdam cruise ship

Love is The Cure

Every acts and behaviour are the presentation of the inner stage of our heart. We treat people with kindness because we have bigger heart. This has nothing to do with an individual academic educational level but it is how one is brought up as a person. If one is being taught to be compassion and raised with love, this individual will always be considerate on his actions and the impact of the actions. He or she will not demonstrate the misbehaves that we are witnessing during the crisis. When our love and care is shown to the persons being quarantined, they will not be afraid of being mistreated and believe the world will be better place. They will believe their self-quarantine action is contributing to help other, the act that is out of compassion and love. When the government loves his people, they will ensure a proper preventions are taken to ensure their citizens are protected, and with love, they are cautious to prevent the damage from spreading to other countries.

This love portion is not an one-time cure for this crisis but it is the cure to many problems and crises that we are facing in this world now. There will be less hatred and differences between races, religions and nations. A fairer competition can be created and people will have bigger heart holding them from sinking too deep and losing themselves. People will have bigger heart to know that knowledge is power but at the same time to wisely use them to create a better world.  

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