This is How You Can Load Test Apache Kafka on OpenShift Container Platform Using Apache JMeter

When come to performance load testing tool, people usually think of Apache JMeter; open source, widely supported and free. JMeter with total control, flexibility and user friendliness make the perfect choice for load testing. This should be the same for load testing Apache Kafka on container platform such as OpenShift Container Platform. Let's look at how we can use JMeter to perform Kafka load testing on OpenShift.

Grafana dashboard for Prometheus monitoring on OpenShift Container Platform

How Can I Monitor Container Application Resources on OpenShift?

Let's look at step by step how to enable resource monitroing on OpenShift. Container application resources monitoring is simplified with Operator Hub, Prometheus Operator and OpenShift. With the built-in resource monitoring on OpenShift, your application team will just need to focus on application development and at the same being able to get performance feedback from Prometheus on OpenShift.