A True Atomic Microservices Implementation with Debezium to Ensure Data Consistency

Typical microservices outbox pattern implementation requires developers to manually create the outbox event table and write the codes to send the data from the outbox table to the respective messaging platform. Debezium Outbox Event Router together with Outbox Quarkus Extension take cares of this and enforce a standard approach to do this with declarative implementation. This allows the developers to focus on business logic implementation and achieve faster application delivery.

Uniform Way to Connect, Secure and Monitor Microservice Applications with Red Hat ServiceMesh

Running ServiceMesh or Istio on OpenShift is pretty easy as long as you understand the differences between upstream community Istio and Red Hat ServiceMesh. With the enhancements tweak for OpenShift it makes managing and running microservice applications on Istio peanut easy both for administrators and developers.