Event-Driven Payment Exceptions Handling Using Kogito

Once again we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; we are seeing how can we use the Kogito services to help us to modernise the payment platform by following the event-driven architecture. Kogito is the right fit in the scenarios where you need to implement decision services and business automation for an event driven architecture, with the fact that it is purposely built for events and cloud-native use cases.

Modernise the Payment Platform With Event-Based Architecture

When the CODIV-19 pandemic started nearly 2 years ago, many were not prepared and suffered a great pain to maintain normal life, including the businesses... This is no different for the payment industry ... the payment industry is one the most needing rapid innovation and change to stay ahead of competitions ... the industry players need a new approach for their payment platform... Payment platform modernization is a journey and this journey will be less painful when you have done it right at the beginning

A True Atomic Microservices Implementation with Debezium to Ensure Data Consistency

Typical microservices outbox pattern implementation requires developers to manually create the outbox event table and write the codes to send the data from the outbox table to the respective messaging platform. Debezium Outbox Event Router together with Outbox Quarkus Extension take cares of this and enforce a standard approach to do this with declarative implementation. This allows the developers to focus on business logic implementation and achieve faster application delivery.

Migrate My ownCloud from Synology to Ubuntu

ownCloud is an open source cloud file storage solution very much like DropBox solution. If you are like me who want to have unlimited cloud storage and at the same time would like to have the convenient of accessing your files from any device anywhere, and you are skeptical with public cloud storage with any valid reason. I believe you would want to run your own cloud storage.

This is How You Can Load Test Apache Kafka on OpenShift Container Platform Using Apache JMeter

When come to performance load testing tool, people usually think of Apache JMeter; open source, widely supported and free. JMeter with total control, flexibility and user friendliness make the perfect choice for load testing. This should be the same for load testing Apache Kafka on container platform such as OpenShift Container Platform. Let's look at how we can use JMeter to perform Kafka load testing on OpenShift.

API Design and Mocking Has Became So Much Easier with Apicurio Studio and Microcks

Effective API design and mocking can be major contributor to the success of API implementation in terms of meeting the requirements, time and cost saving. Apicurio Studio and Microcks are among those open source tools that proving the promising features and usability. Let’s look at how can these tools be seamlessly work together to provide a collaboration platform for API design and API mocking.

What Are The Differences Between Function, Serverless and Knative?

We all know Serverless, Function and Knative are meant to provide modern application platform for consumption based, faster start-up, lightweight, cost effective, event based, modular and etc. But how do they relates to each other and how they are different from each other. What do I need to know in order to help me to craft or choose the right solution for my organization needs.